Se toma una foto prohibida en Pompeya y causa indignación

Nils Travels es un blogger belga que recientemente visitó Pompeya y se tomó unas fotografías en este sitio histórico.

Una imagen que compartió en las redes, sin embargo, causó tal polémica e indignación que este joven ahora está recibiendo hasta amenazas de muerte, informa The Independent.

En la fotografía publicada en Instagram el chico aparece sentado sobre una columna de las ruinas de la antigua ciudad de Pompeya, ubicada cerca de Nápoles, en Italia.

El lugar no obstante es Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO y por lo tanto este blogger cometió una infracción con su fotografía.

La imagen le ganó duras críticas pero mientras algunos lo llamaron simplemente irrespetuoso, otros denunciaron con palabras más bruscas.

Nils no eliminó la imagen y en su lugar compartió un texto en el que explica que deja la fotografía como una ‘lección para otros’. En este segundo mensaje acompañando la imagen se disculpa por sus actos y asegura que donó un monto al fondo del monumento cultural.

TLDR: I didn’t delete this post so it can be a lesson to others. I sincerely apologise to everyone who is offended by this photo. -:- As you may or may not be aware, this photo I took while travelling in Italy has caused some controversy in the Italian mediasphere after posting it on Instagram. The photograph, which I’m not taking down so it can be a lesson for others, was taken at the famous archaeological site of Pompeii, a historically significant tourist attraction in Italy. I am pictured sitting on one of the columns in a visitor area of the site, which is what sparked the controversy. -:- First of all, I would like to apologise to everyone that I have offended by sitting on this stone column. I admit that it was not my smartest decision, and I was not thinking about the historical significance of the place and how it could be perceived by others if I pictured myself in this manner. In my photography, I try to always convey the beauty and feeling that I experience myself in a place, so I meant in no way to disrespect the cultural and historical heritage this place signifies. As someone with a large online following in the tourism niche, I realise I bear a greater responsibility than others to be an example of what and what not to post, or how to behave as a traveller. Now more than ever that is clear to me. -:- I love travelling from the bottom of my heart, it is what drives me and feeds my soul, and to read the – often nationalistic and xenophobic – harm and death wishes that I have received over the past 24 hours hurts me to the core. However, I have learned from this experience and I will apply it to my future travels. I hope others can learn from my mistake too. I am ready to move forward, discuss and engage in a healthy debate with anyone who wishes. -:- Last but not least, Pompeii can use our support in order to further research, educate and conserve their cultural heritage site! As a sign of good faith and remorse, I pledged a small amount to the cause, and I’m encouraging you to do the same! Donations can be made here: -:- Love, Nils Travels

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